Mills Counseling Services

Mills Counseling Services specializes in relationship counseling. We offer a full range of counseling services that deal with the complexity of relationships, including individual, couples, family, and marriage counseling in Lafayette LA and the surrounding area.

Couples Counseling

Couples face a multitude of challenges today. Balancing work schedules, demands of family, finances. These and many more demands often leave couples struggling personally and in conflict with each other. If you and your partner need new skills to deal with these challenges then take the first step by contacting Mills Counseling Service. Our counseling service specializes in relationship, couples, and marriage counseling in Lafayette LA. We have the experience to help your relationship become dynamic and satisfying once again. (Does your relationship need help; click here to find out)


Individual Counseling

Mills Counseling assist individuals dealing with challenges confronting them on a personal basis. We meet with individuals to discuss personal challenges that confront them and are affecting their work, relationships, and personal life. We help individuals set and track progress toward constructive goals while they gain valuable new tools in a safe nonjudgmental environment. For more information regarding individual counseling, click here.

Improving and Strengthening Relationships

Whether through individual, family, or marriage counseling in Lafayette LA, there are ways to improve and strengthen the personal relationships in your life. Mills Counseling Services can help you reach a new satisfaction and wellness in all your relationships.